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Saturday, January 9, 2016

Ever feel like the Michelin Man?

Layer upon layer.  It's true, a determined spirit is required for this winter plein air painting business.  I have a system for these winter clothes are placed in a back hallway closet ready to go at all times so I'm not wasting time finding long underwear, turtlenecks, smartwool socks, etc.  Same clothes all the time....boring, but very functional. 
Once I'm out the door I can barely move and feel like the Michelin Man.  These essential layers of clothing are so important for winter plein air.  I'll gladly take the appearance of the Michelin Man for a few hours while painting the winter landscape. 
Work in Progress, 12 x 12, oil

The winter plein air glamour look (aka Michelin Man)

On this day, I somehow left the house without my big black jacket.  Good thing I always keep an extra jacket in my plein air mobile.
Hope you are enjoying the beauty of winter in Wisconsin. 

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