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Tuesday, July 19, 2011

A word about Sunsets

I started painting sunsets more than 10 years ago, thanks to artist friends Lori and Pam. We were all staying at my parent's farm and ventured up on the hill to paint the sunset -- I was addicted from this moment on! We then turned around to paint the moon rising in the sky from this amazing vista in the farmfield. Friends Paula, Elsie and Tonia were also there painting that evening....just one of those painting experiences that will forever be cherished. My goal someday is to have a home where I can see the sunset everyday! An artist could paint these magnificent creations everyday and always have different subject material. I love the grand sunsets and the subtle ones where the sun just peeks through for an instant. These were all painted in a parking lot behind our local hospital where there is an amazing marsh with open vistas. I am grateful for this beautiful, safe place to paint!


  1. Fantastic Pam! All your hard work is really showing!

  2. Just lovely! I get to see sunrises every morning when I'm out walking my dog at 6 am around my neighborhood. I live in crowded, congested West Los Angeles, and yet, in the wee hours of morning, there is much peace and beauty. While others sleep or drive groggily to work, I see dawn skies painted pink and orange, and am surrounded by birdsong and the scent of flowers. It's such a lovely way to start a day.
    I recently started painting small oils using my photos taken on these walks. I would love to do the plein air thing, but I only have about an hour to walk the dog and then go to work. Maybe a weekend sometime....I'm inspired by you. :)
    Thanks for sharing your work and your stories. It has helped me get back my art groove again! Lately I've been stalled.