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Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Another cold one in Mineral Point

February 10-13th marked the 2nd annual Paint the Point winter plein air event in Mineral Point, WI.  And, just like clockwork, frigid air descended upon the beautiful driftless region of SW Wisconsin. 
Yes, I'm under there somewhere!!! 
Highs were in the single digits, but we painted through it all.  The volunteer committee for Arts Mineral Point found us out in the countryside one day and offered warm apple cider and homemade cookies -- THANK YOU SO MUCH!! 
My roadside safety cone provided a perfect resting spot for a delicious cup of apple cider.
Days often began with breakfast at The Red Rooster, a favorite in Mineral Point.  The early mornings were truly too cold to paint. 
The following images represent some of my painting activity during the four days spent in Mineral Point.  I had a great time revisiting a grand old barn I've painted before.  Spent time listening to hogs squeal while painting sows and boars.  Enjoyed late afternoons along a creek and watched a muskrat make his way through the water to his resting spot.  All these things and the wonderful people you meet make plein air painting a rich experience. 

Need to mention what fun I had with my roommates at the lovely Brewers House Inn.  We had lots of laughs and wonderful conversations.  Grateful for this time away. 
Here are my finished paintings...
"Gib Graber's Girls" 12 x 12, oil

"Meander" oil, 11 x 14

"Day's End on Ferndale Road" oil, 8 x 16

"Centurion" oil, 12 x 12
And, one more thing...a winter plein air painting tip for you all.  This product seems to be effective in keeping hands warm.  Made in the USA and recommended by our son who works at Midwest Mountaineering in Minneapolis.  Give it a try!!

Monday, February 1, 2016

Under the Winter Skies

January 14th brought us back to Schlitz Audubon on another cold day.  The ice had already receded significantly.  Saw a brave group of elementary kids out exploring with their leader.  Winds were fierce. 

On January 21 we found a great old barn here in Mequon on a very overcast morning.  I immediately fell in love with this view of this little side door at the back of the barn next to the hill leading up to the upper barn.  The tall ochre grasses created a pathway through the painting that leads you to imagine what was once behind that little door.  Maybe some calves, chickens? 

Painting in progress, Jan. 21
Jan. 29 ...another Mequon property where there is a log cabin dating back to 1853.  More exploration of these beautiful structures that are disappearing from our Wisconsin landscape, especially around these urban areas.