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Monday, August 18, 2014

Painting the Point

Mineral Point Wisconsin began as a wild and crazy frontier town attracting all sorts back in 1828 when lead was discovered.  A few weeks ago, wild and crazy plein air artists ventured to Mineral Point from surrounding states to discover rugged beauty, historic buildings and glorious vistas speckled with bountiful bovines.  We spent two days painting in the inaugural "Paint the Point" plein air event and couldn't have asked for better painting conditions.  The weather, the subjects, the parties, the organizers and galleries were wonderful. 

Our little group stayed at the lovely Bluebird Cottage outside of Mineral Point.  The first night, we warmed up our brushes with a little sunset painting. 
Early the next morning after canvases were stamped, we ventured out to get inspired.  My sights were set on finding cows, so that didn't take long.  Triple D Farms and the Dannenberg family were very welcoming, along with the curious cows and fun children!  Thank you.
Painting with Triple D Farms in background, along with many of their beautiful and curious cows taking a peek.
"Spotify", 11 x 14, Plein Air, Oil
Later that day I wanted to capture some of the beautiful wildflowers along the country roads and here is the result.
"Ferndale Road Vista" 10 x 12, Plein Air, oil
The following day I went back to Triple D Farms to paint more cows, but gee, they kept mooooving, what a shock.  I ended up spending the afternoon at the home farm (which was out of our painting area). 
 So this one I couldn't enter in the competition but really loved this little chicken coop and my afternoon painting with one of the children, Laurianna.  I hope she's filling her sketchbook with lots of great drawings.  I cherish the drawing she gave me!
"Andrea's Coop" 8 x 10, Plein Air, Oil
After a lovely party Friday evening at The Walker House (thank you Dan and Kathy), we were up bright and early for the final event of the weekend, the Quick Paint.  We had about 3 hours to paint, complete, frame and deliver the painting.  I chose Jail House Alley as my inspiration and enjoyed a visit by another furry friend, Rosie.  Rosie is a legend in Mineral Point, a very popular girl!
Hi Rosie!
"Sunpower" Plein Air quick paint, 12 x 10, oil
One final note, while checking out of the cottage, I left my car hatch open for just five minutes.  I noticed a cat in my car when I packed up.  Sure enough, I had left a few wet paintings out and the sweet little cat stepped in some nice juicy paint and proceeded to walk around my car and across my painting backpack.  I think I'll keep the cat tracks on my backpack as a permanent reminder of this special trip! 

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