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Thursday, July 3, 2014

Painting animals for Cedarburg Plein Air

We just wrapped up a wonderful week of painting in Cedarburg for the Plein Air event.  Many people in the community say it's "their favorite week of the year" and I can see why.  How wonderful to have 160 artists from all over the country come and see their city and countryside through their eyes. 
Unlike other artists who love painting the historic buildings of Cedarburg, I am drawn to the countryside.  Always in search of cattle, chicken or in this case, a donkey.  Here are some of my animal adventures en Plein Air!
Here's my block in and quick outline of the donkey placement, now I'm just waiting for her to return....waiting!
Finally, she returns and shares a good belly laugh with me. 
"Deanie's Darla" Oil, 10 x 12
Then, I let Darla the Donkey nap from her modeling gig and moved on to the chickens.  Wow, such a challenge with constantly moving feathered friends. 
Painting plein air at the coop, beginning with the block in and will paint in chickens on the fly!  Having painted chickens many time in my studio, that knowledge comes in handy with the various shapes, colors and sizes.
"Red Zeplins" Oil 10 x 12
This title was inspired by rock music that was played in the barn while I was painting. 
A few days later I was off to another property to paint chickens again.  I loved the simplicity of this composition and the little touch of light peeking through the flower box window.  I quickly sketched in chickens as they passed through the scene and turned around quite often to get a closer look as they scattered about. Yes, very sore neck the following day.  Fellow painters can relate!
"Gaylyn's Girls" Oil, 14 x 11
My "happy" place!
The chickens and roosters are in their resting spot for the evening, getting settled in for the night.
"Sweet Dreams" Oil, 12 x 12

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