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Thursday, March 20, 2014

A frosty dip

A few weekends ago, we drove up to Plymouth to paint with my dear and talented friend Lori Beringer at a farm near her house.  The setting was perfect, but as usual, finding the perfect spot to set up took some time. 
The property included a beautiful, tiny meandering creek and I noticed my friends were on the other side of the creek.  Naturally, I thought I could just gracefully hop over to the other side.  I completely underestimated how wide the creek was under that ice cover and landed feet first in the icy water.  Being an avid winter plein air painter, this was going to happen sooner or later, right?  Getting out of the creek was a challenge with the big plein air backpack still straped to my body, but it sure made for great belly laughs.  Here I am back at Lori's to pick up some new socks and she had an extra pair of boots.  Then, it was back to the site to paint and explore. 
Water drenched socks and boots after falling in the creek while painting
One of the completed paintings of the day, without the CREEK

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