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Saturday, February 15, 2014

More Lake Michigan Adventures

The temps have warmed up enough (above zero) for more painting time along the frozen shores of Lake Michigan.  Lots of icecanos and moaning/groaning of the lake under the ice.  Making it a full sensory experience.

Painted on Feb. 12th, earlier in the morning a nice soft peach light flooded the lake, but flurries quickly moved in. 
Here's a shot of my friend Lynn painting and we met a great group of young high schoolers from Rufus King who were at Schlitz Audubon on a field trip.  They asked great questions, were very polite and seemed to be having fun snowshoeing along the frozen shoreline.
Back to the shoreline on Feb. 13th after a fresh snow. 
BRRRR.  It was very cold that day.

Hiking back up the hill and finding a nice note in the snow most likely from one of the awesome nature preschool teachers!

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