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Thursday, March 7, 2013

A blustery beginning to the day

In the early hours of the morning of March 5th, my friend Liesl texted me and reported that the icecano formations on Lake Michigan were "awesome."  Looking at the radar, the weather forecast was calling for snow.  Plus, I was fighting off a cold....all reasons to paint Lake Michigan another day.  But then I thought maybe the fresh air would do me some good and I hadn't been down to the shores of Lake Michigan at Schlitz Audubon Nature Center in a long time.  I called my painter friend Lynn and we tried to beat the incoming snowstorm.  The lakefront didn't disappoint. 

At first we were met with that wonderful "peachy" sky that rolls around this time of the year.  Then, the fierce winds picked up and that all changed within minutes we were being pelted with snow and ice.  Suddenly we heard voices and the preschoolers had ventured down to play in the icecanos with Miss Liesl, Miss Collette and Miss CeCe.  What a joy to watch the kids and spend time with them hiking up the big hill.  If you venture down the path, you'll find some remnent snow angels along the way! 
Chatting with the preschoolers
A finished painting (9 x 12)

Finished Painting (9 x 12)
Can you see me on the far right?

Thanks to James and Liesl for sending photos!

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