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Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Overcast October

I recently enjoyed a quick (but fun) 24-hour trip up to Pembine Wisconsin for a little Plein Air painting.  We spent the first afternoon at Dave's Falls, one of those beautiful places where you feel like you're in Colorado.  The next morning was spent at Beecher Lake.  The challenge of both these sessions was the constant mist and even rain.  Putting up an umbrella would of made my palette/canvas even darker, so that wasn't an option.  I tried to position myself under a tree, but that natural cover only provided temporary shelter.  In plein air painting, there is always a learning.  What I enjoyed the most was the fellowship of special friends, a little time away from the normal routine and the plip-plop of acorns falling into nearby water.....plein air is always a full-on sensory experience....THANK YOU!

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  1. Beautiful paintings despite the mist and a wonderful time with you and everyone. Thanks again for visiting us on the lake.