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Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Painting in MAINE!

We recently had an opportunity to travel to Maine and stay on a little island outside of Portland (Peaks Island), thanks to a good friend of my husband.  It was truly an artist's dream!  Painting, observing, listening, enjoying and did I mention....eating?  We stayed in a cottage right along the Atlantic.  When we first arrived, it was pouring rain and I really couldn't see too much out of our windows.  On the next morning, fog was rolling in and the waves were crashing.  I just had to get out to my pjs!  I won't post those pictures....but I was anxious to get out to paint those waves and the fog.

Even with little Alex, I was able to paint six canvases and will use these studies for larger works.  We ventured off the island one day and drove up to the Farnsworth Museum in Rockland to see a large collection of Wyeth paintings.  Another amazing experience.  Seeing three generations of work under one roof is well worth the trip.  Our trip south took us down to Cushing to experience the Olson House, where Andrew Wyeth painted his iconic "Christina's World."  Seeing the windows, the turquoise door, the fields, the chairs....all known pieces in his symbolic paintings were very touching.  A cemetery is just a stones throw from the Olson house, where the Olson family is laid to rest, along with Andrew Wyeth.  The Olson house was his Maine....he said, "I couldn't stay away from there.  I did other pictures, but I'd always seem to gravitate back to the house."  It's a good reminder to paint what you know, what you love, what appeals to YOU! 



On our last day in Portland, we also visited the museum to see the Winslow Homer collection.  So inspiring.  Unfortunately, we just missed the big Homer exhibit....but did get to see the staff working on the exhibition lettering and placement of the paintings in the gallery space, also neat. 

Again, our thanks to our great hosts for offering us this wonderful window to Maine!

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