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Wednesday, July 6, 2011

A heartfelt sunset

This little sunset was painted last night. A few years ago I discovered a great place to view/paint sunsets in Mequon, right behind the local hospital. Tons of cat tails and open vistas and a nice place to park your car.
I really enjoyed my painting experience but realized I hadn't painted in the hospital parking lot for a while (actually since last fall). Since that time, a good friend passed away, actually at this hospital. I was absolutely overcome with emotion while painting this....because of her death and this is also the hospital where my son Alex was born. Good thing I was alone. The subtle nature of this sunset reminded me once again about this fragile circle of life. I truly hope this sunset GLOWS to represent Shari's enduring spirit on this Earth because when I think of her all I think about is her smile. May God's grace shine down upon all. Cheers to you Shari!

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